What customers expect: what matters when it comes to digital customer service

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July 22, 2022

Digital services have Advantages for companies and customers alike. To ensure that the latter are also satisfied and have a positive user experience, however, companies must ensure a smooth process. If they succeed, they will be rewarded with loyal customers who will recommend the company and its service to others.

Customers expect reliability

This article shows what customers value most in digital services and what companies should not allow themselves to do under any circumstances. Conversely, companies that offer their users a pleasant user experience benefit from loyal customers who keep coming back. It is therefore worth serving customer wishes.

1. customers expect reliable site performance

The be-all and end-all in digital customer service is the smooth functioning of the website and web applications. If the site builds up too slowly or the application crashes, the majority of (potential) customers will abandon the application and go in search of the next provider. This is how 83 percent of customers are inclined to switch providers in the event of technical problems. Slow streaming of content or the slowing down of the end device by the application also have a negative impact. Conversely, customers are more loyal to providers of high-quality services.

2. data security

Data security is just as important to customers as the flawless performance of digital services. Anyone who discloses information to a company must be sure that it will not be passed on to unauthorized third parties. Data leaks occur time and again - as recently as the beginning of 2022, research by Plusminus magazine revealed that millions of user data from online stores had been available on the internet unencrypted for years, in some cases including bank details. Customers do not forgive such problems with data protection and the secure storage of information.

3. quality and user-friendliness of support and website

Just as customers expect to receive friendly and competent advice in a store, they also expect to be met by webshop and website operators and supported on their customer journey. Lengthy searches for the desired product, incomplete or incorrect product descriptions, a confusing menu or the lack of a specific desired payment function lead to customers looking for alternatives.

4. customers expect an immediate response to inquiries

The pace of communication has greatly accelerated and mobile devices mean that it is always possible to search for information or make inquiries online. Inquiries should be answered just as quickly as they are made. For this, it is not enough to just Communication channel to make them available. Customers expect to be able to choose the option that is most convenient for them - and to receive a solution to their problem within a few hours.

5 Smooth processes

People who buy online give companies a leap of faith. By placing an order, the buyer assumes that the product meets the criteria described and trusts that the goods, which are often paid for in advance, will be delivered as quickly as possible. Order acceptance, shipping, logistics and returns processing - many cogs have to mesh to ensure that customers are satisfied; a complex undertaking. Customers also expect low shipping costs and adherence to the delivery date. If the product is not to their liking or if the goods are faulty, the returns process should be just as smooth. If it is not possible to convince customers of this competence or if the practical test reveals corresponding defects, customers will not click on "Buy" again in this store.

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