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In a more dynamic environment, only those who can react faster, implement more efficiently and learn from mistakes more consistently than the competition will prevail. Adaptation and the development of dynamic skills have become tough competitive factors.

We transfer organizations oriented towards stable processes into organizations that are in balance between stable and dynamic design elements that enable people to act in a goal-oriented manner in such a qualified system.


Success is only achieved through perfect teamwork. We work on this for you.

We follow a systemic and resource-oriented approach to organizational development. People are empowered to work independently towards a common goal. The Open Leadership Compass provides orientation and forms the framework for continuous learning.


Erfolgreich ist nur die Organisation, in der alle für ein gemeinsames Ziel arbeiten. Wir unterstützen Sie dabei.

Only changes that are supported by everyone can be successful in the long term. Only goals for which everyone works independently and together can be achieved in the long term. This is what we are working on, and this is where we support you.


We offer you everything you need for a successful transformation

With focused initiatives, we improve your competitive position and transfer your company into a secure future. We contribute our methodological and technical expertise to these development processes.


Building high-performance teams


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Developing leadership

The demands on management have changed because the needs of people in the company have changed, as have the forms of work and collaboration.

In this context, developing managers means increasing their effectiveness and efficiency in their work with their teams and organizations.

Managers should be empowered to motivate and inspire their employees and lead them to achieve (peak) performance together in order to achieve common goals.

In our leadership programs, we use a variety of tailored methods to prepare managers for the changing requirements, for example in communication, conflict resolution, decision-making, strategic thinking and transformation.


Moving organizations

Willingness to change is the product of trust, mindset and competence. If only one value is zero, the endeavor will fail.

As systemic experts, we use a wide range of methods and intervention options to activate the forces and dynamics at work in the company and use them to further develop the "system".

We develop participative processes on the basis of the clear objectives drawn up with the management and provide support through further training in order to strengthen self-motivation and institutionalize change.

Regular feedback makes an important contribution to this. It enables teams to learn from mistakes and drive their own improvement.

This enables teams to adapt to changes and develop new skills.


Designing the employee journey

A positive employee journey helps to increase employee engagement and motivation. It begins with a targeted recruitment process and onboarding so that the employee is quickly integrated into the company and familiarizes themselves with the values and culture.

Individual career development and an effective performance management system (e.g. OKRs) promote the use of personal strengths and skills and contribute to employee retention, as do recognition and rewards for good performance.

Qualified exit management helps to ensure that employees leave the company in a positive way.

The digitalization of HR processes increases reliability and productivity. Comprehensive people analytics helps you make informed decisions and improve your HR strategy.


Chief People Officer Advisory


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Project Management

We are convinced that transformation can only succeed from within. And it can only succeed with employees. Our consultants follow this principle: Cooperation at eye level, based on in-depth industry knowledge and with distinctive methodological, content-related and social skills. Success is only possible if it is lived.

Our principle is to use the resources available within the company for further development instead of imposing model concepts. This ensures that a sustainable and effective result is achieved for the customer in every phase of the transformation.

TCI takes over the management of highly complex projects for you and ensures professional and sustainable project management.

Your Leadership & Organization team

Our TCI partners have an average of 20 years' experience in executive and business management positions as managing directors, business unit managers, CIOs and senior consultants in the information and communication technology (ICT), plant and mechanical engineering, automotive, manufacturing, energy supply, healthcare, chemical industry, banking and insurance sectors.

My motto:
"You have to start big, it gets small on its own"
About me
  • 35+ years of experience in management and communications consulting
  • Focused on the areas of strategy implementation, transformation and change communication
  • Numerous supervisory board and advisory board mandates
My motto:
"Speaking people can be helped"
About me
  • 30+ years of top line people management
  • In-depth knowledge of labor and social law and how to deal with employee representatives
  • Strong implementation, results-oriented and entrepreneurial
My motto:
"Embrace change to grow"
About me
  • 30+ years of experience in engineering (software & hardware)
  • Quality management, project management
  • Technical sales and organizational development
My motto:
"Together we are strong"
About me
  • Organizational developer and project manager
  • Systemic coaching for managers and employees
  • Transformation to hybrid working models
  • Lecturer/Trainer
My motto:
"Helping people & companies to develop their potential in a constantly changing world"
About me
  • Coaching managers and teams
  • Human Resources and Recruiting
  • Transformation processes
  • Agile project management (e.g. design thinking, SCRUM, Kanban)
  • Innovation management, business development, CRM processes

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