Comprehensive, fast and sustainable

TCI supports customers in the realization of digital twins of their products and in the development of end-to-end product lifecycle management. A particular focus here is on the mapping of products with many variants through to product individualization.

Strategy based

Strategy & Orientation

Only constant training ensures victory. We coach companies to perfection.

In order to achieve sustainable success in an increasingly dynamic market, small improvements or changes are no longer enough. Only those who adapt to their new environment, react quickly and are open to new strategies will ensure their continued existence.

We support the comprehensive transformation of your company. We strengthen your competitive position with focused initiatives and work with you to transfer previously successful and sustainable business models into the new era.

technology driven

Digitization & Business Platform

Speed is a decisive factor. Stay in the race with us.

New digital technologies are opening up new opportunities for companies: From cost and time savings to condition-based maintenance. The business model defines the digital added value and the digital added value defines the future of the business model.

We have extensive expertise in determining this added value. We combine strategic know-how and knowledge of current technological developments with extensive experience in the implementation of holistic digitalization strategies in individual industries and ecosystems. You benefit from state-of-the-art technology for your IT systems while at the same time ensuring your cyber security.

people centric

Leadership & Organization

Success is only achieved through perfect teamwork. We work on this for you.

Adaptation and the development of dynamic skills have become tough competitive factors. The aim is to turn an organization geared towards stable processes into an organization with a balance of stable and dynamic design elements and to enable people to act in a goal-oriented manner in such a qualified system. For this reason, management development and the adaptation of the organizational structure go hand in hand.

We follow a systemic and resource-oriented approach that empowers people to take responsibility for working towards a common goal. The Open Leadership Compass provides orientation and forms the framework for continuous learning.

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