Corporate culture

Agility is based on a mindset - Interview with Stefan Vieweg about the introduction of SAFe® and Co.

"Agile working is sustainable and avoids overload" - Interview with Bernd Ettelbrück

Digitalization: Exploiting potential through cultural change - Interview with Oliver Foitzik

If you want to improve customer experience, you have to think outside-in!

Healthy organizational culture: Essential for transformations and teams in general

A success factor of digital transformation that is blatantly neglected

So that companies become better and better: A look into the future

Mastering transformation projects: Numerous success stories from the field - Interview with Prof. Dr. Peter Steinhoff

Future-proof thanks to SAFe®: How companies can implement agility correctly and react to rapid changes - Interview with Werner Siedl

„Agil und digital“: 2 Seiten einer Medaille für den nachhaltigen Unternehmenserfolg

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