Agility in project management - but the right way!

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Helmut Schäfer

January 3, 2018

As is so often said: "It's all about competence, using the right tools for the right challenge". And that is exactly true. The terms "digitalization" and "agility" are currently being used virulently and sometimes overused without any clarity, as this blog entry, which is certainly not to be taken entirely seriously, entitled "Then we buy a digital BMW and take it on a virtual but agile vacation" shows. Joking aside! Agility in project management is becoming increasingly important. TCI experts demonstrate the correct use of agile methods in project management in workshops.

It's all about using the right methods

The digital transformation is increasingly shaping the world of work and therefore also the way we manage projects. Agile methods are by far the most important approach in this development. Although they usually follow very simple rules, the right method must be used for successful projects. Unfortunately, "one fits all" does not apply here; the method must fit the task and the business environment. It is not only the knowledge of methods that is important, but also the competence to know when which tool is best used.

Agile methods differ and are more suitable for some tasks than others. The context of the task and the environment is decisive here.

Workshops on agility in project management

TCI will explore this topic in greater depth in a series of workshops on the subject of agility in project management. In cooperation with the Rheinische Fachhochschule in Cologne, a workshop will be held on February 2, 2018, in which agile methods and their fields of application will be compared with traditional methods. It will be shown,

  • which principles they follow,
  • the ideas behind it
  • for which tasks or problem solutions they are particularly suitable.

The VDI Knowledge Forum will then hold a comprehensive, two-day seminar entitled "Managing agility properly" in April 2018, which will highlight the opportunities and limitations of agile methods. This seminar will be repeated in September and December 2018.

Concrete approaches for practical project business

In both events, practical problems are addressed and mistakes are identified that should be avoided during introduction and application. A "map" of agile methods is drawn up so that they can be better assigned to typical tasks and problem solutions. This quickly makes it clear that which approach is ultimately expedient depends on a number of criteria. It is important to emphasize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages.

Upcoming dates

1-day seminar with the RFH Cologne

Seminar, agility in project management, project management, TCI GmbH, TCI, RFH Cologne, Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln
1-day seminar: Agility in project management -
Cover image (Image: © RFH Cologne)

"Agility in project management - but the right way"
on February 02, 2018, from 08:45 to 18:00, in Cologne

The seminar is aimed at managers with responsibility in project management, PMO managers, program managers, project clients, project managers and students and graduates.

Contents of the seminar "Agility in project management" are:

  • What's different in the agile world? - An introduction
  • "Map" of agile methods
  • Change processes - why we need agility
  • The economic view - why agility isn't everything
  • Classic approaches and the agile SCRUM method in use
  • What you need to know as a manager.

The speakers are Prof. Dr. Stefan Vieweg (ICC / TCI GmbH), Prof. Dr. Silke Schönert (IPMI), Dr. Helmut Schäfer (TCI GmbH) and Harald Kretschmer (TCI GmbH).

Costs (plus VAT): € 390 for registration by 19.01.2018, thereafter € 440.
There are special conditions for TCI partners.

Registration takes place via or

2-day seminar with the VDI

Seminar, agility, project management, project management, TCI GmbH, TCI, VDI, VDI Wissensforum
2-day seminar as part of the VDI Wissensforum: Managing agility correctly (Image: © VDI Wissensforum)

"Managing agility correctly - possibilities and limits of agile methods in project management" as part of the VDI Knowledge Forum.

There are the following Dates for the seminar:

  • April 23 / 24, 2018 in Hamburg
  • September 17 / 18, 2018 in Düsseldorf
  • December 04 / 05, 2018 in Stuttgart.

The seminar is aimed at:

  • Managers with responsibility for project management
  • Project client
  • PMO Manager and Program Manager
  • Managing directors, division managers and department heads
  • Experienced project managers

The topics in the seminar "Managing agility correctly" are:

  • What is really new and why we have become world export champions with classic project management
  • Differences, strengths and weaknesses of agile methods
  • The "map": Which method is suitable for which task and problem solution?
  • Agile methods are simple, but do they make it easier?
  • Finding suitable methods for your company
  • Avoiding mistakes during implementation and when agility becomes really expensive.

The seminar will be led by Harald Kretschmer (TCI GmbH) and Dr. Helmut Schäfer (TCI GmbH).

Registration takes place directly via the VDI website.

Cover picture: RFH Cologne / Stefan Vieweg

About the author

Picture of Helmut Schäfer

Helmut Schäfer

Dr. Helmut Schäfer is Managing Partner for the areas "Project Management Excellence" and "Projects & Processes for Engineering" within TCI GmbH. He has also been an independent consultant, trainer and coach specializing in project, process and change management since 2005.

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