Mannheim, 01.05.2015
Management consulting survey 2015 - TCI is one of the best

2015, the renowned German business magazine 'brandeins' presented the results of a comprehensive industry...

Management consulting survey 2015 - TCI is one of the best

2015, the renowned German business magazine 'brandeins' presented the results of a comprehensive industry report on management consultancy firms. TCI has been included in the list of „Best Consultants 2015“ in Germany.

Supported by Statista, a leading polling and statistics services company, over 15.000 companies have been surveyed. They were asked which consulting firms they cooperate with and how satisfied they are with the quality of the consulting services delivered. 1.400 partners and project managers of consulting firms and 1.300 executives of customers were asked which companies they would recommend.

TCI is one of the best - again...

Mannheim, 01.03.2014
TCI - One of the best consulting companies in Germany

The renowned German business magazine 'brandeins' presented in a special edition the results of the first...

TCI - One of the best consulting companies in Germany

The renowned German business magazine 'brandeins' presented in a special edition the results of the first comprehensive industry report on management consultancy firms. TCI has been included in the list of „Best Consultants 2014“ in Germany.

Supported by Statista, a leading polling and statistics services company, over 1,500 companies have been surveyed. They were asked which consulting firms they cooperate with and how satisfied they are with the quality of the consulting services delivered. In addition, experts (partners and project managers of consulting firms) were asked which companies they would recommend.

The result is a „List of the Best“, comprising in total 276 consultancy firms (out of some 15,000 registered in Germany). They were evaluated in 13 industry groups and 14 work areas from strategy development to operations management. TCI was particularly mentioned in three areas of work, together with 20-25 other consulting firms. Just less than 20 firms were recognized in even more areas.

This shows we are getting more and more recognized in the market. With the quality and spectrum of our expertise, but also with our distinct network approach that allows us to act not only as individual fighters , but also to tackle larger projects together in joint responsibility.

It is Important to know that one only gets listed in an industry or in a work area if at least 10 customers nominations have been made. In this regard we succeeded in the industry of Technology & Telecommunications as well as in the following areas:

• IT strategy ( ... how new technologies can be harnessed, Big Data, Cloud, Mobile Devices, Social Media, Internet of Things, Smart Objects, Industry 4.0 ... )

• IT implementation ( ... how to implement good ideas technically sound, how to communicate well and understandable, which goals can be reached and which cannot… )

• Operations Management ( ... expertise to adapt internal processes, implementation of new processes, standardization - but also the ability to anchor changes in the organization and keep the management covered ... )

Of course, we are also working in other fields such as organizational and personnel development and other sectors such as engineering or banks. But obviously we did it in a particularly effective and noticeable way in the field mentioned above.

We want to use this occasion to thank our customers who have given us their confidence in many projects in the past 8 years- and also for expressing their satisfaction with the performance of our consultants via this poll. For TCI this is a motivation to further strengthen our market presence and brand and to go on addressing customer challenges with confidence and the will to succeed.

Thanks also to our consultants who have made this positive perception come true by their great performance under the flag of TCI. We are looking forward to continuing this success with our well positioned network of consultants and experts.

Mannheim, 19.06.2015
TCI Partner Meeting June 19/20, 2015 in Eschborn

All TCI Partners are invited to join our meeting in Eschborn. Please save the date June 19th starting at...

TCI Partner Meeting June 19/20, 2015 in Eschborn

All TCI Partners are invited to join our meeting in Eschborn. Please save the date June 19th starting at 1pm and June 20th until 2pm.

Sales and our practices will present the newest update on our activities and we have the opportunity to visit a datacenter.

To join us as a guest, please contact our partners or recruiting@tci-partner.com.


We are transformation experts and solved most issues more than once.

TCI Facts

We will have to get used to it: The state of change is a permanent condition for companies. The globalization of commodity, financial and information flows, business combinations, demographic change, innovation and the digitization of processes in production, sales, logistics and administration require constant adjustments to strategy, processes and organization. Owners, employees, customers, suppliers and managers must be involved in these changes and implement them. Fundamental changes in the business we call business transformation.

Standstill does not exist and the time window to reflect and experiment becomes shorter and shorter. This means a business transformation projects to be implemented in less time and with established teams. Frequently transformation experience is limited, and rarely in sufficient numbers in their own companies available.

TCI provides you with an experienced consultant, project manager, interim manager or established teams to implement your transformation projects and offers:

Experience have the TCI partners acquired about average 20 years in managerial and executive positions as Managing Director, Senior Vice President, CIO's, senior consultants in the fields of information and communication technology (ICT), plant and machinery, automotive, manufacturing, energy, health, chemical industry, banks and insurance companies.

Extensive experience in a responsible roles in global transformation projects in the DAX, MDAX, S & P companies in the areas of strategy and business development, sales, purchasing, project management, service, human resources and information technology make the difference for your project. We like short- or long-term commitments abroad.


Systematic and proactive development of our methods, industry and professional skills in 4 practices to ensure that our customers receive the best possible TCI answers to their questions and a strong partner in change processes at their side. In our practices current market trends are analyzed, evaluated and passed on to our customers as recommendations.


TCI as contractor takes over responsible for promised results and the fulfillment of the promise of all partners involved.

The TCI Enterprise Transformation Cycle (ETC) was developed from the transformation experience of everyday life and is constantly extended by new experiences. With more than 200 guiding questions in 4 topic areas, the ETC allows an effective start into your transformation project.

Contact us for an exchange of information.

Our Practices

Four teams constantly develop our methods and capabilities, evaluate trends and provide guidance to our customers.

Business Transformation

Manage transformation
Lean processes
Governance & Compliance

ICT Transformation

Service Management
Performance Management

Project Management
Change Management

Your Function

What is your responsibility within the company?
We find solutions and assist you in implementing the changes in your area.

Who we are

"We live and love changes. We love and live projects."
Wolfgang Schnober, Managing Director TCI

TCI Partners

We are a group of independent, autonomous and practical experienced partners. The structure of TCI guarantees our customers at the same time a high degree of reliability and commitment in fulfilling our promise. Systematic and proactive development of our methodologies and industry expertise in our communities of experts ensures that our customers receive the best possible answers to their questions and thus state of the art support for future business challenges.

Wolfgang Schnober


Manage complex IT projects and business transformations successfully; bring people and technical changes together.


Managing Director TCI, responsible for the practice ICT Transformation

Independent consultant since 1998 - acting in the role of program manager or interim CIO. Senior expert in global IT and telecommunications industry (including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Hungary, Switzerland) and manufacturing industry.

Before 1998 20 years of experience in line management of various large and IT companies.


Complex infrastructure and / or IT projects, organizational development, realignment / reorganization of enterprises

+49 621 496084-0

Ronald Geiger


Transformation of organizations and networking enterprises. 


Managing Director TCI, responsible for business development, sales and partner management.

10 years management consultant with a focus on strategy, transformation- & change management, managing an international management consulting, Board member IT Service Company, CIO and Head of group productivity.

Consultant, entrepreneur and investor since 2011


B2B Development, Start-up Coaching, Group- and Department Strategies, Business- & IT Transformation, Technologie- and IT Strategy, globale productivity programs, Post- merger Integration, Change Management.

+49 170 9126422

Jochen Rüchardt


Business- & Digital-Transformation, E-Business & E-Commerce Strategies in Pharma & Biotec


TCI Partner seit 2010.

Over 20 years of experience in managing international consulting firm with Industry Focus Healthcare, Pharma & Biotec, telecommunications, energy, public, financial services, IT.


Interim Management, E-commerce / e-business strategy, sales & consulting management, business development, reorganization, Delivery Management SAP, construction and management of sales organizations, programs, Project & Transformation Management, Outsourcing, Off & nearshoring.

+49 172 8577859

Wolfgang Hellriegel


Successful transformations with experience and passion.


TCI Managing Partner, ressponsible for TCI business in Middle East / North Africa (MENA) and profitable project business.

Engineer in Computing Sciences, Project Manager, Profit Center Manager, Managing Director, Executive Board Member, international experience.

Management consultant since 2000.


Enterprise development and transformations, management of disproportionate growth and turnaround in technology and service industries. 

+49 170 4523946

Dr. Walter Gerdes


Critical to own success will be the contributions to the success of the customer.


TCI Managing Partner, responsible for business-, process- and IT transformation.

20 plus years of experience with responsibilities in operating assets and general management of large IT service providers. International management experience (6 years in the USA).

Since 2002 consultant for executives in large companies for strategic projects.


Support of complex business transformations from planning to implementation. Fitting of the IT alignment in the corporate strategy.

+49 171 228 2972

Ute Nitschke


Develop people and businesses.


TCI Partner, responsible for Senior Executive Services

15 years of experience in Human Resources and Change Management in various HR positions, most recently as Head of HRM & Organizational Development for a holding company in the field of education. Since 2013 Consultant, Trainer & Coach.


Human Resource Management, Change Management, Organizational development, Training, E-Learning

+49 89 208039 460

Uwe Fischer


No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that we created them. Albert Einstein.


TCI Managing Partner, responsible for the practice project management.

Over 20 years of experience as an executive in the process and information management as well as internationally as a management consultant for process and organizational development for industrial companies.

Independent consultant since 2003 with a focus on project and program management, facilitation of stakeholders, monitoring and development of project managers and executives. Current focus: Transformation in small and medium-sized businesses, increase profitability with projects, interim management.

+49 621 496084-0

Martin Bergmann


Strong experience in transformations ensures success.


TCI Managing Partner, responsible for partner management and business development for large customers. Conduct extensive international transformation projects.

Degree in economics and computer science. Structural and process organization (automobile company). Business Process Development (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft). Development of an IT Management Consulting (Technology Group)

Strong understanding of organizational development. Sense of long-term staff development and promotion. Holistic view of project management.
High sensitivity to transformation management. Entrepreneurial and sustainable thinking and action. Tackling complex tasks. Risk-aware management responsibility.

+49 171 2228839

Christiane Richter


When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.


TCI partner, responsible for the practice Change Management.

30 years of international experience in project management and change management, IT and organizational consulting, training and coaching. Responsible for integration and change for one of the world's leading IT service providers, managing an ERP sales and consulting firm, IT Director Europe at a pan-European medium-sized group of companies.


Post-merger Integration, business transformation, cultural change, complex IT-projects and transitions

+49 171 4732921

Peter Mandos


Anyone who wants to find the way, who is not the arguments...


TCI Partner.

Studies in economics. Expert in building organizations for the telecommunications and IT industry in the corporate environment, merger management (sales, services, development, project management), outsourcing projects offshore, nearshore, transformation projects in the chemical, pharmaceutical, Transportation, Aviation, team development and management, employee development , leadership development, facilitation, mediation, Governance and Culture.


business transformation management, people aspects in the transformation, working on projects for corporate culture, business development, transformation manager in customer projects.

+49 151 240 111 52

Frank Dobritz


A goal without a plan is just a wish. (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)


TCI Partner, responsible for automotive, marketing and communications.

20 years of experience as an executive in the IT and communications industry as VP Strategy and Global Programs, VP Business Transformation and Head of Information Systems Management Consulting.


Business Transformation, International, M&A, Post-merger integration, strategy, governance & compliance, sourcing, marketing & communication, organizational development

+49 171 4314401

Peter Steinhoff


The inclusion of company-specific values and standards are a key success factor in transformation projects.


TCI Managing Partner, responsible for the practice Business Transformation, Key Account Manager.

Since 2009 TCI consultant in DACH, India and middle east.

15 years line responsibilities as CFO, Head of Strategic Corporate Controlling, Post-merger integration, carve-out programs.

Study of the cultural industries at the Universities of Passau, Charleston and Quito and communications technology.


complex transformation projects in Finance, Controlling, Performance Management,  Accounting, IT, M&A, Post-merger integration, Carve Out, business development and growth strategies for India. 

+49 621 4960840

Peter Pollack


If you want something, you'll find solutions. If you don't want something, you'll find reasons.


TCI partner since 2013.

40 years professional and leadership experience in the global IT- and Telecommunication industry.


Expert for IT demand-, order- and projectmanagement.

+49 171 5534726

Monika Schmidt


Work is life - I have great pleasure and high motivation to solve complex tasks.


Responsible for the partner management process. Integration of new partners, recruiting, skills management and resource allocation in close cooperation with sales. Aligning the organization to current business priorities. Maintenance of communications and TCI values.

Background: Studies of computer science (Technical University of Munich, 1985), minor in Economics, 22 years experience in middle management positions in American ICT companies (consulting, professional services, partner management and sales support).

Competencies and goals: strong technical understanding, fast perception, precise and appreciative communication. Lifetime learning about new things and people. Understand project tasks fully and find the best canadidate for the customer and project.

+49 175 1837205

Werner Siedl


He who stops being better stops being good at.


TCI partner, as Sales Operating Officer responsible for the development, systematization and structuring of business development and sales since 2014, with the aim to exploit the potential of the TCI network.

Previously involved itself in 11 reorganization within the telecommunications industry,  various management positions in restructuring, turnaround management, sales & bid Management. Last consultancy for SME's regarding culture, communication and sales.


Transformation in bid management & marketing, develop employees potential

+49 152-2784 9111

Dr. Georg Leppelmann


We make the difference that makes the difference.


TCI partner since 2011, responsible for banking and insurance industry.

Lecturer at the School of Applied Management in Erding. Previously many years consulting and sales manager in line responsibility of Siemens AG and consultant at Droege & Comp. Studied business administration and law. Consulting and coaching experience over 20 years.


operational excellence, consulting and coaching of strategic changes such as: new business models, sourcing, sales and business development, negotiations, IT-Management, Cooperations.

+49 176 46625606

Detlef Marsch


TCI Partner

Since 2006, as as interim manager, program manager and consultant working for multinational corporations, small businesses and start-ups in various industries.

Before 2006, 20 years of management activities at a leading global IT company and 12 years in general management at large corporations, small businesses and start-ups in many industries.

Turn-around management, Operational excellence, complex projects and interim management


+49 171 3741111

Ernst Kiel


Today's change processes require thinking in networks.


TCI partner since 2013. Responsible for the industry cluster Energy.
30 years in various positions from sales to management in the IT and consulting industry with reputable companies. Since 2000 consultant and advisor in the industry energy.

Introduction of new business areas and changes in organizations and business processes.

+49 621 4960840

Uwe Rörig


Achieve goals! Motivate colleagues and customers! Implement changes!


TCI Partner since 2012, Key Account Manager and Consultant


Transformation projects, growth strategies, restructuring, mergers and acquisition, post-merger integration, carve-out, product live cycle processes, capital goods

20+ years in management functions e.g. Head of Strategy, Head of Portfolio- & Productmanagement, Program Management, Restructuring, Post-Merger Integration,  Carve Out 

Studies of mechanical engineering in Clausthal and München(TU), Studies of industrial engineering in München (TU). 



+49 621 4960840

Jochen von der Lieth


Complex Business Transformation, Project- and Change Management 


TCI partners. Responsible for the industries armor, defense and security.

Program and project managers with a strong international experience and intercultural competence.

Specializing in organizational restructuring, optimization and reorganization for large and medium sized enterprises and at corporate group level.

Previously management consultant and line manager at Siemens AG.

+49 171 211 98 73

TCI Network

I work with TCI, because I want to conquer the market for business transformation and change management with the reliable and experienced colleagues, which I found at TCI."

Christiane Richter, TCI Partner